I was fortunate to watch Thomas put his passion for helping student-athletes and youth to work while employed at USC. He presented in the summer personal development workshops that kept the students engaged and enlightened on an array of topics. I was impressed to the extent that when I became the Director of C.A.T.S. Academics at the University of Arizona, one of my first calls was to Thomas asking if we could get him to campus to speak to our student-athletes. He was able to do so this fall, covering social media and image in our freshman success course. As always, Thomas was impressive with his well-researched material, contagious energy, and dynamic presence. Incorporated in this was Thomas's personal, athletic, and professional background, which allowed him to unabashedly relate to a niche population with humility and poise. His purposeful message sets the standard for the holistic, high-achieving student-athlete. Our student-athletes and staff were thankful Thomas was able to come to campus and we hope to have him back in the near future. I would highly recommend Thomas to anyone looking for a speaker who can cover a diverse spectrum of topics in a relatable and impactful manner.

~ John Mosbach, Associate Athletic Director/Director C.A.T.S. Academics

University of Arizona

We had Thomas R. Williams conduct 5 personal development workshop sessions for our student athletes during the summer and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a dynamic individual who can connect to college students, particular student athletes about the importance of having a gameplan for life after college. Thomas did an outstanding job conveying the importance of preparing for the future and life after sports while our student athletes are still in school. His personal story resonated well with our students and he was able to fully connect with everyone in the room, grab their attention, and get them to full participate in his sessions. Thomas’ basic themes focused on Identify, transferable skills, relationship development, and social media etiquette during his sessions with our students. The feedback from our student athletes was outstanding and many expressed wanting to maintain a relationship with Thomas as a mentor moving forward.  We plan on bringing Thomas back in future summers as well as incorporate him into some of our personal development programs during the regular academic year moving forward. 

~ Magdi El Shahawy, Senior Associate Athletic Director
University of Southern California

“Thomas R. Williams has the professional expertise and leadership qualities to motivate any team. He leads by being the example of strong character, distinguishing him between words and actions.”

~ Ronnie Lott

“Thomas has amazing charisma and a great potential to be a big influence on those around him. Because of his background and hard-working nature, he supplies special insights and unique perspectives in all situations. We all look forward to watching him continue to progress toward his very bright future.”

~ Coach Pete Carroll

"Thomas Williams- the Master of Body and Mind... Smart, tough reliable... As good as it gets...creates the vision and lives the life... Works hard! Plays hard...Playmaker! On and off the field.... Was the Hitman now a business man...Looking good, feeling good. a bounce in his step and a smile on his face!"

~ Ken Norton Jr.
3x Super Bowl Champion/Seattle Seahawks Linebacker Coach

While we were in Buffalo, I was in my 9th year, needing inspiration, I found it on a Tuesday, our day off, when I saw Thomas working so hard to get better while the rest of us were relaxing! This is just 1 of many stories about the dedication and hard work of my brother, Thomas R Williams!

~ Andra Davis

"Thomas R. Williams does a great job using his experiences at USC, NFL & life to deliver messages which speaks to the consciousness of our soul."

~ Akin Ayodele