This book is the secret solution to that unasked question: What will you do when you stop playing sports? Whether an athlete plays in the NFL, NBA, or MLB, at the collegiate level, or in high school, what is the one thing all athletes have in common? Every single athlete will retire. But like the elephant in the room, no one ever wants to talk about that reality. Athletes spend so much time playing their sport, but there comes a day where we all transition to the next chapter in life. What is your vision, your game plan for the next phase of your life? Without one, many athletes get stuck, trapped in a past glory, unable to move on to the next amazing stage of their lives. Every single athlete gets a playbook. Whether it is a syllabus for school, a routine for the weight room, a plan for practice, or a playbook for game day. The one area an athlete needs the most coaching and an effective game plan is for what they will do away from the classroom and off the courts and field, for a much larger game. That game is: LIFE Beyond Sports Athletes all over the world are constantly running from the question, “What’s next?”

What’s your dream? If you could be anything, what would you be? Are you afraid to share it? Worried someone will laugh and make fun of you? You are not alone. “Your son will be the leader of a gang and dead by the time he’s sixteen. You might as well give up on him.” These are the words my mother heard at my 6th grade parent-teacher conference. At the age of twelve, my potential had already been limited. Like so many other young people in this world, I was faced with a decision. My choice was to either surrender to the opinions and expectations of others or I could tap into my passions and follow my dreams. This book is my story on how I went from a little boy with no hope, to a determined young man receiving a full athletic scholarship. I want to remind you . . . you have Permission to Dream. Thomas R. Williams



"Permission to DREAM"

I Can, I Will... I Did!